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Michele Amitrani


I wish I could handle my expectations. Even better, I wish I could bottle my expectations somewhere dark and deep and just forget about them. At least for a while.
Expectations are a dangerous thing. They prepare you for something that most likely will never happen, and when, of course, that thing doesn’t happen you are demoralized, or sad, or angry, or all these things and more.
I’m an ‘expectationalist’ of the worst kind. I don’t know if there is a cure for this kind of illness. So, not knowing one, I do the next best thing I know to get along: I write about it.
I don’t want to sound too harsh with Ms. Expectation, of course.
She has a lot of merits too.
In fact, it’s not the expectation itself that is the problem here. It’s rather the importance that I, as many of us, give to it. 
Expectations can be a good thing, if well handled. They can be a force for good, a powerful engine for change, and a cure for inactivity and procrastination. 
But only taken in the right dosage.
Funny. If you think at it this way, it almost looks like a coin. A spinning one. Doesn’t it? The bad side and the bright side turning and turning in the air. 
Well, sometimes the coin just land on the wrong side.
So what is the lesson here? What is the taking? Should we stop playing the ‘expectations game’? Should we crook the game? Should we pretend it doesn’t exists? Should we write a blog post about it?
For now, I’ll do the only thing that feels wise, on this moment. I’ll stop tossing the coin in the air, I’ll open the refrigerator, and I’ll get some chocolate.


Michele Amitrani

So here I am, writing my first blog post in English for my English speaking audience. 

The truth is that I was planning to get this blog set up for a while now, but I never really found the time (and THE will) to make it happen.

After my one month solo journey in South-East Asia, though, I’ve put the task on my TO DO LIST, and what’s on the list, gets done.

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