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Michele Amitrani

So here I am, writing my first blog post in English for my English speaking audience. 

The truth is that I was planning to get this blog set up for a while now, but I never really found the time (and THE will) to make it happen.

After my one month solo journey in South-East Asia, though, I’ve put the task on my TO DO LIST, and what’s on the list, gets done.

So, again, here I am. But writing about what, exactly? What’s all the fuss about? Well, it is about what’s going to happen from now on to my projects, my books and generally speaking to my life as an indie author. 

I’m not planning to release a post on a fix schedule, but I’d like to write at least a couple of posts per months, just to keep you guys updated on the latest news/events/book releases.

For now, all I can say is that I’m still in a sort of ‘I cannot believe I made it’ feeling after completing my 4-parts sci-fi series a few weeks ago and successfully self-publish it. 

It was challenging, yes, and time and nerves consuming, but also incredibly rewarding. 

This Series is currently available in Italian only, with the exception of the first book (Omnilogos) which is also available in English. Hopefully I’ll be able to translate the rest of the books in the future.

Although that is NOT my primarily objective.
No. My next project will be of a completely different nature. 

And that is where the first big news lies. In fact, I will start focusing more actively on the Anglo-Saxon market. That means you, guys! That is why I’ve decided (drumroll, please) to write my next series directly in English, rather than in Italian. 

For a non native speaker like myself this is always though, and scary. And difficult. Very difficult. I’m realizing it now, that I’m outlining the plot and starting sketching the characters. But hey, what is a few challenges if I can get a sparkling new ‘Checked’ on that TO DO LIST?

That is it, for now. More coming on this new series in the next post.

Have any question? Fell free to ask! :D

I’ll see you guys soon!