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Old Home

welcome to the official website of Michele Amitrani

A young Sci-Fi writer born in Rome and now living in beautiful British Columbia, Michele spends his days telling tall tales and daydreaming.

He is the author of the Science Fiction novel 'Omnilogos', the short story 'When Gold Was Black', of several non-fiction books in Italian and of a bazillion others books waiting to be published. 

When he is not busy chasing dragons, mastering the Force or traveling through time and space, Michele offers help to other self-published authors. He believes every artist has a story, and every story is worth sharing.

the omnilogos series

with dozens of reviews on amazon and Goodreads, the omnilogos series makes people wonder about the future of the human race and what opportunities the stars might hold.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a captivating story.
— review
This is definitely an original, nail-biting read!
— 5 Girls Book Reviews
When you read it all, the magnitude of his plot will astound you.
— Penny For My Thoughts review
This is a very unique book. I have never read something like this.
— Perfection In Books review
Equal Parts Amazing, Gripping, Disturbing, and Thoughtful.
— Goodreads review
The story is amazing with a crescendo of twists that keep the reader glued to the pages.
— review
A masterfully woven take, full of intricacies and real world issues, often overlooked by everyday people. A deep and thought provoking book with serious underlying social issues.
— review
[This book] reminded me of the Ender’s Game series, by author Orson Scott Card [...] Omnilogos is at the same time simple and epic.
— review
Writing that sometimes demands your attention; [...] interactions between the players; conflict; and a gripping scene of mayhem and death form the glue that binds the story.
— review