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I write dark fantasy about lords of time, supernatural beings, and lots of other cool stuff. Sign up to my newsletter to get exclusive deals and updates on upcoming books.

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You can find me browsing books on Goodreads or hanging out on Facebook at /MicheleAmitraniAuthor.

what people say ...

[Michele] is a type of author that makes you think. He bounces around, separating characters and scenarios, then bringing them all back together in a later chapter and verse. I like an author that makes you think. His stories intertwine time, actions and names.
— review
[Michele] strapped down 221 pages of science fiction behind this stunning cover [...] and has published his first english novel — which he translated, himself, from his native Italian language. It’s hard to express how inspired and impressed I am by Michele.
— Robin Gadsby, writer
Amitrani’s writing is lovely, the technical parts sometimes made the story lag for me but it didn’t take away from just how brilliant a story Omnilogos is.
— Book Bird Reviews
Michele Amitrani is a master draftsman, with the final design of the story he is building created line by line, with each successive element carefully overlaid above the one beneath.
— Raven Reviews