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Michele Amitrani is a young, self-published author born and raised in rome. after living on two continents and traveling through several countries, today he lives in vancouver, british columbia. Michele has self-published his stories since 2011 and so far he has written half a dozen books in italian and english.

As an indie author, Michele does everything by himself. He writes, translates, manages the publishing, plans his book covers, does the marketing... even this website was crafted by his very hands.

A staunch supporter of Self-Publishing, Michele helps other writers to realize their dreams of making their work available to the public by sharing tips and resources on how to write, publish and publicize works independently.

You can find him browsing books on Goodreads or hanging out on Facebook at /MicheleAmitraniAuthor.

what people say about Michele...

[Michele] is a type of author that makes you think. He bounces around, separating characters and scenarios, then bringing them all back together in a later chapter and verse. I like an author that makes you think. His stories intertwine time, actions and names.
— review
[Michele] strapped down 221 pages of science fiction behind this stunning cover [...] and has published his first english novel — which he translated, himself, from his native Italian language. It’s hard to express how inspired and impressed I am by Michele.
— Robin Gadsby, writer
Amitrani’s writing is lovely, the technical parts sometimes made the story lag for me but it didn’t take away from just how brilliant a story Omnilogos is.
— Book Bird Reviews
Michele Amitrani is a master draftsman, with the final design of the story he is building created line by line, with each successive element carefully overlaid above the one beneath.
— Raven Reviews